Previous Conferences

The Academy meets annually in September. Its
conferences are professional and scholarly in substance and informal in
style. Attendance at the conference is open to all who are interested in
discussing the proposed theme.

2017, September 22-24
Dover, Massachusetts
Worship in Ecumenical Contexts: A Once and Future Vision
What Have We Learned? What are our Limits – and Future Possibilities?

2016, September 23-25
Decatur, Georgia
Commemorating the Reformation: Churches Looking Together Toward 2017 – and Beyond

2015, September
Niagara Falls, Canada
The Church: Toward a Common Vision II

2014, September 26-28
Burbank, California
The Church: Toward a Common Vision

2013, September 27 – 29
Chicago, Illinois
The Emerging Face of Being One: Exploring Various Models of Christian Unity

2012, September 21 – 23
Halifax, Nova Scotia
The Ecumenical Legacy of the Second Vatican Council
Student Essay Contest

2011, September 23 – 25
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Called Together: Identity, Accountability, Hospitality
Student Essay Contest

2010, September 24 – 25
Montreal, Quebec
The Next 100 Years: New and Renewed Strategies for the Ecumenical Mission
Student Essay Contest

2009, September 25-27, 2009
Washington, DC
The Ethical Horizon from an Ecumenical Perspective
Student Essay Contest

2008, September 26 – 28
St. Louis, Missouri
Ecumenical Ecclesiology: One Church of Christ for the Sake of the World
Student Essay Contest

2007, September 28 – 30
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Interpreting the Scriptures Together: Seeking the Visible Unity of the Church

2006, September 22 – 24
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Eucharist: Sign and Source of Unity?

2005, September 23 – 25
Jamaica Estates, New York
Forgiveness and the Healing of Memories: The Ecumenics of Reconciliation

2004, September 24 – 26
Columbus, Ohio
The Church: Its Faith and Unity

2003, September 26 – 28
Pierrefonds, Quebec
Christ and Culture Revisited

2002, September 27 – 29
Lansdowne, Virginia
Professing Christ: The Church and Faithfulness in a Religiously Plural Society

2001, September 28 – 30
St. Petersburg, Florida
Justification: Soteriological and Ecclesiological Implications

2000, September 29 – October 1
St. Louis, Missouri
The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification: Ecumenical Implications

1999, September 24 – 26
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Gathered in Christ: New Companions, New Questions

Cincinnati, Ohio / Covington, Kentucky
Renewing the Vision, Revitalizing the Challenge

Toronto, Ontario
The Papacy: Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone to Christian Unity

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Reconciling Memories: Building an Ecumenical Future

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
From Dialogue to Decision: What Further is Required for Full Communion?

Pasadena, California
Gospel Shaping Culture: Dynamics of Unity and Division