Join in Exploring the Gift of Unity

239d1026-4382-4607-9242-80c5097d79cbWe invite you to participate with us in the realizing the gift of unity with which Jesus Christ establishes the church and by which the Holy Spirit sustains it. The annual conference is open to all who are interested and involved in ecumenical work.

The Academy gathers at an annual conference gathered around presentations from leading theologians and ecclesiastics on the ecumenical issues of the day. Its membership includes teaching theologians, church officials, and clergy, religious and laity actively pursing Christian unity.

NAAE membership provides a subscription to the Journal of Ecumenical Studies in which conference presentations are published. Membership also helps support the expenses of the essay contest and providing the conference at the end of September.

The membership period follows an academic year of June through May, while the JES subscription is a calendar year beginning in January. Each annual volume includes four separate issues, one per season, with NAAE papers appearing in either the Summer or Fall issue; roughly a year after presentation.